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Please share with us your experiences with Dr. Sandhu and Evergreen Family Dental Care. Any testimonial is greatly appreciated.

Dr.Sandhu has provided dental services to myself and my family for several
years. We have always received the highest quality of care in a very professional
environment. The hygienist was great, as well.

Dr. Sandhu has been my Dentist for about 4 years now. His skill is
incredible, providing me with several implants and crowns. I am thrilled with all of
the dental work and care I have received from Dr. Sandhu

Great experience at all my dental appointments I've had with Dr. Sandhu.
He took the time to make sure I was comfortable and he pays attention to small

I've had an appointment with Dr Sandhu, who I hear is new in this practice. My husband has been seeing the old Dr Schimmer for 25 years, and I was hoping to see him as well, so we were disappointed at first. But completely changed my heart after the appointment. I came in with a lot of dental issues. I am not a US native, so you could imagine that my dental health has been neglected for years. Dr. Sandhu made me feel very comfortable, and hopeful. He gave me a full exam, and seemed very knowledgeable and helpful in answering my questions. He also seemed very compassionate towards my financial situations (treatment summed up to be quite expensive) so he was open to looking for less costly alternatives. I hear most doctors will sell you most expensive treatments. I was glad that I didn't feel this kind of pressure from Dr. Sandhu. We made a treatment plan that we are planning to pursue so I can redeem my healthy smile. After my first visit, I can say I am very satisfied, and trusting in Dr. Sandhu.